Six Friends in Harajuku w/ Hello Kitty Sweater, Action Figure Necklace, Platform Converse & Panda

Here are six stylish friends we spotted walking together along Omotesando Dori in Harajuku. Because of the available light and crowded sidewalk, we couldn’t photograph all six of them in a group, so we split them into pairs.

The first two girls are dressed cutely in outfits which include a souvenir jacket (sukajan), an action figure necklace (a trend item right now), a long pink Hello Kitty sweater, a panda muffler, a pleated skirt, and platform Converse sneakers. The girl and guy in the second photos are a bit of a contrast, with his more preppy look and her all-black ensemble & tassel earrings. In the third photo, we have a guy and a girl (wearing a fur hat) who both appear to enjoy fashion featuring patterns.

As far as music, the girl on the left in the first photo is wearing a t-shirt by the French electro band Justice.

Click on any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. the sad looking boy at the bottom is so cute! he reminds me of plastic tree’s ryuutaro (fashion wise).

  2. cool!But the mask is a little weird.But I love everything else!

  3. i dont think i can wear any of that stuff…………….!?

  4. Dreaded Queen

    This is some great photography. The colors r so rich! Love this shot and the fashion .