Harajuku Make-Up Artists in Charles Anastase, Rosebud & ANAP

We photographed this pair of cute girls with long, honey-colored hair in Harajuku. On the right is Mai, a 22-year-old make-up artist. Her outfit includes a white cotton summer blouse from Charles Anastase and a short blue skirt from a used clothing shop. She’s also wearing platform t-strap shoes (also from a resale shop) with white socks.

Accessories from Vargas and other shops include a lace cherry earring, a delicate gold necklace and a red bangle. Her leather and fabric handbag is from Corto Moltedo.

We asked Mai about her favorite shops and brands and the answer was Vargas. You can find out more about Mai on her web page.

The friendly girl on the left is Kyoko, a 20-year-old make-up artist. She’s wearing a white shirt from Rosebud over a short floral ANAP dress. Her lace-up leather boots are from Zara. Accessories include a narrow leather belt with a decorative buckle and a pink cherry earring. Her pink suede purse with purple fringe is from L.D.S. (Love Drug Store).
Harajuku Make-Up Artists in Charles Anastase, Rosebud & ANAP

Charles Anastase blouse & red bangle

Lace earring & delicate necklace

Corto Moltedo handbag

resale platform t-strap shoes

Rosebud shirt & floral ANAP dress

Pink cherries earring

L.D.S. (Love Drug Store) fringed suede purse

Zara lace-up boots

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  1. Mai is beautiful ! the entire outfit and those earrings !! Magical !

  2. They are both so cute and vintage! (; I love both of their outfits.

  3. Kawaii ne! They both look great but I think the one in the blue skirt pulls the look off the best…mostly cause its obvious from how many freckles she has that isn’t full Japanese and her hair looks more natural. As a fellow freckled girl…she looks boss-awesome (bossome) >.<

  4. such cuties, i love them!!! and those vintage inspired outfits mixed with modern jewelry are lovely!!!

  5. oh wow! they are both so beautiful and their styles are awesome!!!
    definitely inspiring!!

  6. Wow! Their style is pretty awesome! The girl on the right looks very western I think~ And her shoes are awesome! *___*”

  7. Love these styles so cute and vintage looking, oh and i want those boots! :)

  8. lovve the outfit on the
    girl on the right.her skirt is so cute and I love her shoes.the little white
    anklet socks are so adorable with them