Harajuku Girls in Platform Shoes w/ Miauler Mew, Ingni & One Spo

Chiho and Seapocho are two Japanese students – wearing striped mini skirts and platform shoes – who we met on the street in Harajuku.

Chiho is pictured to the left, in the straw hat. She is 15. Her eyelet blouse is from the Japanese brand Miauler Mew and her skirt from Ingni. She is wearing a bag from GU and Miauler Mew platform shoes, which feature seashell design and ribbon laces. Chiho told us that Miauler Mew and Ingni are her two favorite fashion brands.

Seapocho is 17 years old and he’s pictured here to the right. Her “Cheers Cherry” collared top and her bow skirt are from One Spo. She accessorized with an M-Premiere clutch and platform sandals from WEGO (worn with ruffle socks).

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  1. Ooooh! Those sky blue shoes are soooo CUTE!!! <3 <3 <3