Harajuku Moi dix Mois Fan w/ h.NAOTO Hat, Yellow House & Sixh

You probably know Kyouka by now, as we often see him in Harajuku. He works at a ramen shop, and he’s a regular participant at the Harajuku Fashion Walk. On this day, Kyouka told us that his new hat was the main point of his look.

Kyouka is wearing an h.NAOTO long vest over a Sixh ruffle blouse. His pants are Yellow House, and they feature cutouts and suspenders. He told us his heeled platform boots are Yoyoyosuke. His hat and cross necklace are also both from h.NAOTO. h.NAOTO is, of course, his favorite brand, along with Sixh, Dark Red Rum and h.NAOTO Blood.

Kyouka also mentioned that he’s a Moi dix Mois fan, and that he’s on Twitter.

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  1. love his everything… reminds my of hellsing which is really cool