Harajuku Girl in Pink House Bomber Jacket, Hug Dress, Tokyo Bopper Backpack & Platforms

Dee works at the iconic Tokyo Bopper store in Harajuku.

In addition to her short orange hairstyle, Dee is wearing a bomber jacket from Pink House, a resale top from Kinji and a dress from the Tokyo resale shop Hug. Her bows backpack and double strap shoes are both from Tokyo Bopper. She is also wearing Megane And Me sunglasses, which she got from Lamp Harajuku.

Dee’s favorite brand is Tokyo Bopper and her favorite band is Passepied. You can get in touch with her via Instagram or Twitter.

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  1. Andrea Camillary

    I like the backpack. And it’s very cute. And I do love the jacket, it’s very cool. And the shoes are really cute.