Harajuku Rainbow Kawaii Streetwear Style w/ Teenstyle Puffer Jacket, WC, Question Mark, TMNT Backpack, Fuzzy Waist Bag, 6%DokiDoki Duck Ear Muffs & Googly Eyes Mask

Here’s Pika, a Japanese designer with ombre pink hair whose striking kawaii streetwear style easily caught our eye on the Harajuku street one afternoon.

Pika is wearing a rainbow hooded puffer jacket from Teenstyle, which she styled with a pink strawberry print t-shirt from WC, and paired with a pink plaid skirt, also from WC. Pink knee socks over white tights, fuzzy rainbow leg warmers, pink sneakers with yellow laces from Question Mark, a colorful Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles backpack, and a fuzzy rainbow waist bag completed Pika’s colorful outfit. Her accessories – mostly from 6%DokiDoki – include a rainbow knit pom pom beanie, orange duck ear muffs, and a fuzzy yellow sleeping mask with googly eyes and bow embellishments. Star face stickers and a cute kawaii band-aid across her nose are the finishing touches to her kawaii look.

For more of her kawaii streetwear looks, follow Pika on Twitter and Instagram.

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