Harajuku Girls in Black Resale Fashion w/ Tokyo Sex, Bubbles & Nike

We met these girls wearing all black in Harajuku. We found out that they’re students and they’re fans of Radwimps.

Pictured to the left is Chikio. She’s 17 years old and she’s active on Twitter. She is wearing a resale outfit with a t-shirt from Chicago (the Tokyo resale shop) paired with a midi skirt and belt, a bulldog bag, and socks with sandals. She accessorized with earrings, necklaces and various rings (Vivienne Westwood and Anpanman caught our eye). She told us that Adidas and Puma are her favorite brands and that she likes listening to Aiko.

The girl to the right told us that her name is “X” and that she’s 16. X is wearing a resale polo and skirt with a Nike backpack and led sneakers from Bubbles Harajuku. The pins on her bag and t-shirt are from Tokyo Sex. She told us her favorite brand is Nike and that she’s active on Twitter.

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