Harajuku Resale Style Girl Wearing Panama Boy

Meet Natsuki, a 15-year-old Japanese girl who met out on the street in Harajuku. Her red-white-and-blue theme outfit was purchased almost entirely from popular Tokyo resale shops.

Natsuki’s wearing a vintage Superman t-shirt, along with an American flag coat that she purchased at the Tokyo resale shop Haight and Ashbury, a tulle skirt, vertically striped stockings, and Converse high top sneakers from the Harajuku resale store Panama Boy. Her accessories include a cap with a play on the “KISS” logo, a scarf tied into a bow around her neck, hair clips with a creepy eyeballs on them, and a backpack from the resale shop Thank-You Mart.

Natsuki told us that her favorite place to buy fashion in Tokyo is the just-off-Takeshita resale shop Panama Boy.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. ahahahaha i absolutely love her hat!! such a fun outfit. her stockings are pretty cool and the hair clips are a real “eye-popping” extra lol

  2. I recognize that scarf from one of Lena Fujii’s shoots, I think…

  3. ah! i’ve seen those eyeball hair thingies at hottopic . . . was so tempted to buy them. :D

  4. L O V E the whole concept. I want that hat, that shirt and omg those creepy eyes! *.*

  5. NeeShinigami

    OMG! Her style is absolutely awesome!
    I love her jacket! american flag pattern it’s very cool
    I like her t-shirt and her accesories

  6. joviecole

    ilove her since of style XD <3 the hat is awesome