Harajuku Shironuri Girls Wearing Bunkaya Zakkaten, Takuya Angel & h.NAOTO

We met this friendly group of Japanese students – all wearing shironuri makeup – on the street in Harajuku. You might remember several of them from last year’s White Face Monster Party.

On the left is Momi, and she’s 18. Most of her outfit is resale, with a floral print dress and jacket, colorblock purse and heeled shoes. Her flower bracelet is from Daiso, her rings are Bunkaya Zakkaten and Miho Matsuda, and her necklace is handmade. She is also wearing flowers and butterflies in her hair. She told us that her favorite place to shop is Rituals by KENZO-A, and that she listens to Japanese rap. Find her on Twitter for more information.

The blonde girl is 16 years old and her name is Sari. She is wearing a resale jacket with a Takuya Angel top and resale maxi skirt. Her tights are Bunkaya Zakkaten, and her geta shoes were bought in Kyoto. She is also wearing many hair accessories, including koi fish and a polka dot bow, candy bracelets, and a randoseru backpack. Sari’s favorite shop is Takuya Angel, and she’s a fan of Sekai System. She is also active on Twitter.

Next, we have Ruru, who is 20 and goes to college. She is wearing a h.NAOTO Gramm corset with a black skirt and jacket, which she bought in Harajuku. Her tights are from Dangerous Nude, her necklace is from Design Festa, her bracelet is Spider Rock Web, and her heeled loafers were bought in Harajuku. Ruru likes to shop at h.NAOTO, and to listen to Gackt. Find out more on her Twitter.

The girl to the right, in pink twin tails, is Sakura, and she’s 16. She is wearing a H&M maxi skirt with an animal print faux-fur coat, and a pink tank top over a turtleneck. She is also wearing a saddle bag and white lace-up boots, and she told us her accessories are from Avantgarde. Her favorite band is Kanjani8, and she’s active on Twitter.

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  1. Absolutely incredible crowd <3333

    This is definitely something you can't expect to see outside of Japan.

    So incredibly awesome :_______

  2. Such artful, bright ladies! My respect to them, they make the life a fairy tale!

  3. Omg! How people wear a wooden sandal? But the cool koi fish, is the awesome. And I do like the color lashes. I wish I have the color lashes. That will be awesome & really cute lashes.