Japanese Shironuri “White Face Monster Party” in Harajuku – Pics & Video

A major gathering of the Japanese shironuri subculture was held in Tokyo recently. Many of the most well-known names in the shironuri scene converged on Harajuku – from all over Japan – for the Spring 2013 “White Face Monster Party”. Shironuri is a relatively rare style on the street, even in Harajuku. So when we were invited to attend an event with more than sixty shironuri, we knew that it was going to be amazing!

White Face Monster Party in Harajuku

“Shironuri” means “painted white”, and originally referred to the traditional makeup worn by Japanese geisha, maiko, and kabuki performers. Modern shironuri wear the traditional white face makeup, but beyond that common element, their styles are varied. Shironuri styles at the “White Face Monster Party” were influenced by vintage fashion, kawaii, gothic, horror, nature, anime, decora, masquerade, rave culture, and many other sources.

Some of the shironuri who we recognized at “White Face Monster Party” included No 96 (a makeup artist from Osaka who creates & wears movie-quality makeup and masks), Tsunoshi (an artist and one of the most visible Tokyo shironuri), Minori (a nature-themed shironuri and artist), Bazookistan (Tokyo Decadance), Kaze Taka (Tokyo Decadance), Uri (Harajuku Fashion Walk), and Ruru (Harajuku Fashion Walk). There were so many shironuri in attendance that it would be impossible for us to mention all of them by name.

The “White Face Monster Party” was a visual event – so rather than reading about it, please check all of our exclusive pictures and video directly from Harajuku. The shironuri girls and guys put in so much effort into their fashion, hair, and makeup. We’re happy to be able to share that with those of you that couldn’t see it in person. Remember, you can click on any of the photos to see them in high resolution!

Japanese Shironuri Meetup in Harajuku Video

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Japanese Shironuri Meetup in Harajuku Pictures

Click on any of the shironuri photos to enlarge them.

A big thank-you to Tsunoshi, Minori, No 96, Bazookistan, Kaze Taka, Uri, Ruru, and all of the other friendly shironuri girls and guys that we met at the event!


Photos by Kira.

About the photographer:
Born in Japan, educated in Japan and the US, Kira shoots exclusively with Canon DSLRs. Photography assignments include fashion, bands, sporting events, and portraiture for various companies and bands throughout Japan & the world. His portfolio can be viewed at Artist-Photo.

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  1. I can’t even describe how awesome I think Shironuri is, I think it’s starting to become my favorite Japanese fashion style! Orz I feel like I want to try shironuri too, but my parents will probably not allow that. .;u;


  2. I think this is your most amazing feature ever! I wish I was there… The shironuri subculture is so strange and unique, and of so many variations! I was glad to see many other amazing shironuri than Minori, who was the one that introduced me to this style. I hope to see more of these shironuri in the future!

  3. I love this xpression art : Japanese Shironuri <3

    Nice photos. Nice video…Thx Tokyo Fashion.

  4. wow so many sub culture can be applied with shironuri

  5. I like seeing all of the unique styles! So ethereal.

  6. I’ve never heard of this subculture before, but these pics are amazing!! So much time and love must have been put into all those beautiful costumes… amazing.

  7. Love this article! Shiro nuri is fantastic! I would like to try some shironuri.
    Minosri is always beautiful! And the drnagon-face makeup was so amazing o.o

  8. OHMYGAAHHD! their make-ups are so awesome!! truly work of art!

  9. Oh my god!!!! I’m in love with all of them! Their outfits are so high quality!!!!!!

  10. I love the student-themed couple! The girl was so cute and the boy had the heart mantra on his face!

  11. Minori is pure perfection ♥ She looks like creature from fantasy book.
    Shironuri is amazing style. Very unique and fresh.
    I wish I could try it on myself some day.

  12. Wonderful! I am a big fan of Minori and was glad to see more wonderful ladies here. They all look so unique and special, like the walked out of a fairy book. Wish I could put so much into my look and try it out too. Thank you so very much for sharing this amazing pictures. Love, Sara xx

  13. Adsdaedtdutfgilui just love shironuri and those people !

  14. This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in my life, really. I adore these people.

  15. ZetsubouMichi

    I love No.96 so much it almost hurts! She’s so beautiful and skilled, her imagination and art is perfect, just the way I like it.

    This has made me want to try out Shironuri :3 Thank you!

  16. RainbowYoshix3

    I love this style! I wanna be able to dress like this but my mom would say no and it gets too hot where i live :\ but if i ever get a chance to go to Tokyo,i’ll definitely try this out xD

  17. I’m just discovering the Shironuri style, but I think it’s becoming to be my favorite Japanese style… So cool~

  18. WOW !!! This style is so fantastic I really like the styles combine as well to make shironuri like half decora, gothic and much more . I think that party looks super fun !!! well I really wannna join as well but I’m in Australia . Sorry to say this but No. 96 is really really scary and I am freaked out but as well the super creativeness is so cool and the makeup is so powerful .

  19. toffeeish


  20. greenglitterpixie

    Does anyone know if #112 picture/Last picture… purple and white ELF ears/and scales/Makeup are OMG out of this world amazing. … Does she have a facebook page? ~ TY!

  21. すごい綺麗!白塗りのカルチャーはまだあまり分かりませんがファションが大好きです!なんかやりたい!

  22. I’ve just discovered the meaning of shironuri, and I’m a bit blown away. I’ve never really ever considered japanese street style to be appealing to me, but this has changed my mind.
    Perfect- not quite as marginally normal or easy to pin down as some other fashions I’ve seen. It’s the look of a forgotten folklore monster disguised as a harajuku trendsetter, and it’s FANTASTIC, not to mention extremely diverse.

  23. Ms. Jody

    Great pics and great looking people. What did everyone do before and after the walk?