Harajuku Sisters in Ice Cream Tops, w/ 6%DokiDoki, Disney, WEGO & Swimmer Items

We often see the Goto sisters around the streets of Harajuku. They are both fans of Amoyamo and Disney.

Yurika is pictured to the left, with longer hair. She is 24 years old and she’s wearing a resale jacket from WEGO over an ice-cream print sweatshirt from Romantic Standard and Candy Stripper tights. Her cat bag is from the Disney Store, and her Alice in Wonderland bag is from Franche Lippee. Her loafers are bought on Takeshita Dori, her headscarf is WEGO, her heart cake ring is Casita, her heart ring is 6%DokiDoki, her popcorn earring and necklace are Disney Resort, and her ice cream necklace is bought in Sendai. Yuriko told us she likes to shop from Disney, Romantic Standard and WEGO, and that she likes listening to Alice Nine. You can check out her blog for more information.

Mizuho is pictured to the right, with shorter hair, and she’s 22. She is wearing a Shimamura star print jacket over an ice-cream print sweatshirt from Romantic Standard, GU shorts, and Spank! leggings. Her fish shoulder bag is from Disney Store, and her Ariel backpack is from WEGO. Her cherry sneakers are from Swimmer, her necktag is klkl, her Mikey ring is Disney Resort, her heart ring is 6%DokiDoki, her cupcake ring, hair pin and bracelet are Claire’s, and her hair band is WEGO. Mizuho’s favorite shops are 6%DokiDoki, Spinns, WEGO and Disney Store, and she’s a Michael Jackson fan. You can also find her on her blog.

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  1. Wow that is so cute. And the pop corn earrings and popcorn necklace that is really awesome. And I do ❤ the sweet shirt that u have & I do ❤ the cute flounder bag. And the backpack is really cute.

  2. They both look amazing, I love all the cute accessories they have xoxo