Harajuku Sisters w/ Plush Cats, Angelic Pretty, 6%DokiDoki & MalkoMalka

We met the Goto sisters in Harajuku once again, and they were kind enough to let us take a few snaps. This time, they were carrying matching plush Gelatoni cats.

Pictured to the right with the pink WEGO beanie is Mizuho. She is 22 years old and, like her sister, she’s an arubaito. She is wearing a resale jacket from WEGO over a Malko Malka t-shirt featuring Pinocchio and animal print shorts from Kokopelli. Her fish bag is from Disney Sea and her sneakers are from Sendai. Her heart-shaped ring is from 6%DokiDoki. Mizuho told us her favorite shops are WEGO and 6%DokiDoki, that she likes listening to Michael Jackson’s music. She also gave us the link to her blog.

Yurika is 24 years old and she also has a blog. She’s wearing a skull t-shirt from H&M with a resale jacket from WEGO and a maxi skirt from Malko Malka. Her carousel print bag is from Angelic Pretty and her ankle boots are WEGO. She accessorized with a WEGO beret, 6%DokiDoki ring, Claire’s pearl bracelet, and Don Quixote pompom bracelet. Yurika’s favorite places to shop are Romantic Standard, WEGO and Disney Store, and she told us she likes listening to Alice Nine.

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