Harajuku Sisters w/ Disney Items, 6%DokiDoki, Candy Stripper, Nadia & WEGO

We spotted sisters Mizuho and Yurika again in Harajuku recently. We’ve snapped them many times before. This time, they were carrying matching jack-o-lantern accessories.

Mizuho is pictured to the right, in a blue headband and braided tails. Her t-shirt is from Disneyland, worn with a pink skirt bought on Takeshita Dori and smiley face Nadia Harajuku suspenders. She bought her Mickey Mouse bag from Disney Resort and her sandals from Koenji (worn with rainbow socks). Her furry gloves are from Claire’s, her medal necklace is from Disney Resort and her heart ring is from 6%DokiDoki, her favorite shop. Her favorite singer is Michael Jackson.

Yurika is pictured here to the left, with a side braid and Claire’s crown hair pins. Her Daisy Duck bag is from Disney Resort and her sandals are from WEGO, worn with striped tights. Her heart ring is 6%DokiDoki, her eyeball and bow necklace is Disney Resort and her bracelet is from Claire’s. Her favorite places to shop are Romantic Standard and Disney and her favorite band is Alice Nine.

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  1. Peter Shaw

    Cute chicks. There outfits look really nice and colourful.

  2. Mizuho and Yurika always make my heart race a little!

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