Harajuku Sisters w/ My Little Pony, Candy Stripper & Nadia Dinosaurs

Yurika and Mizuho are two cutely styled sisters – both with twintails hairstyles – who we see around the streets of Harajuku often these days. In fact, Mizuho (on the right) recently got a much-coveted job at one of Harajuku’s trendiest boutiques – Nadia Flores en el Corazon (aka Nadia Harajuku). We ran into the friendly sisters after dark this time, near the famous LaForet department store.

Yurika, on the left, is wearing a black jacket over a Nadia top with a gingham dress, sheer skirt, knee-high bow stockings, and white wedge creepers from Casita. Accessories include a Candy Stripper “Love My Candy” headband, a Nadia Harajuku tote bag, and a cute plush teddy bear. Yurika is a fan of the brands Candy Stripper, Milk, and f.i.n.t. She also enjoys the music of Amoyamo. Check out her blog for more info!

Mizuho is wearing a camo top with Nadia Harajuku dinosaur print tights and leopard print boots (with tails) from Kokopelli. Accessories include a clear pink backpack from Nadia, a Candy Stripper headband, and a My Little Pony worn as a necklace. Mizuho’s favorite brands include Nadia and Candy Stripper. She’s also a fan of Amoyamo. Check her blog for plenty more pics.

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  1. Dreaded_Queen

    Love the fresh makeup. And the tail on the boots were cute unexpected additions .

  2. ♥ Both of them are so cute and do resemble each other. ♥ Mizuho’s shoes look soooo adorable ♥♥♥♥

  3. I was waiting for a pic of them!! They are sooo cute! *-*

  4. Aww they’re my goal, I would like to go to Japan, and to work for a fashion shop/brand…
    They’re both really cute, fresh.

  5. I like that boots wit the tail:)
    I think it will fit me too hahaha!!!