Colorful Harajuku Street Style w/ Nile Perch, Bows, Bears, Cupcakes & Evil

Here are two familiar faces around the streets of Harajuku – Junnyan from Harajuku Fashion Walk and the kawaii Japanese comedian/performer/model Haruka!

Haruka is wearing a supercute outfit that features a pink jacket with a sailor collar, a Nile Perch teddy bear top, a teddy bears and cupcakes print skirt, Nile Perch bow-print leggings, and cross cutout creepers with wings on the back. Accessories include lots of pastel hair bows and clips, a heart necklace, a cute pacifier necklace, lots of buttons and ribbons, a heart-shaped cake ring, and a heart shaped purse. For more info on Haruka, check out her official Twitter.

Junnyan is wearing a “Dial-a-T-Shirt” top with red pants and sparkling SPX multi-tongue sneakers. Accessories include an “EVIL” devil horns cap, a Miyamo plush, a colorful beads bracelet, and a 6%DOKIDOKI tote bag. Find Junnyan on Twitter!

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  1. Mika Rose

    That girl is the epitome of adorable. I love her hair and make up so much

  2. Junnyan is one of my biggest inspirations and I think that Haruka is becoming one of my biggest inspirations too! ヽ(*´∀`)ノ I just love her cute, light-coloured style!

  3. I love the second photo that shows the woman covered with a scarf in the background. Such a contrast between simplicity & decoration, yet complimentary withboth girls wearing bright pink & blue :)

  4. Where I can get that heart shaped bag? :o I love it!

  5. I want the girl hair color. It’s perfect– pinkish blonde, pastel, soft. I might show these pictures to my hairdresser.

  6. Fernanda

    realmente os olhos dela…um olhar taão doce…roupas incriveis…!