Harajuku Summer Dresses from Lip Service & Snidel

We met these friendly Japanese girls in their fresh summer dresses in Harajuku. On the left is Ayumi. Her bright flower print dress is from Lip Service and her black lace-trimmed bolero is from Egoist. Black and yellow sandals complete the look.

Ayumi’s favorite brand is Lip Service. She enjoys the music of Ayumi Hamasaki.

The girl on the left with ash blonde hair is named Natsumi. She’s wearing a pastel print dress from Snidel. Her brown purse is from Love Drug Store. She’s also wearing brown high-heeled sandals.

Natsumi’s favorite brand is Snidel. She also likes the music of Ayumi Hamasaki as well as Acid Black Cherry.
Summer Dresses from Lip Service & Snidel

Long auburn hair & Egoist bolero

Japanese girl with long auburn hair

Large black zippered bag

Strappy sandals & painted toes

Pastel Sindel dress

Love Drug Store purse

Brown high-heel sandals

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  1. Both of them look pretty! & Definitely give off a summer feeling.

  2. I really like Ayumi’s dress, black lace-trimmed bolero, and sandals. This is a great combination. However I would have picked a hand bag to better match the sandals. Perhaps a hand bag with brass accents and a bit of sandal yellow.

    I like Natsumi’s purse. I think Natsumi did a good job of macing purse and sandals.

  3. They are both so pretty! And both their outfits are amazing! And their hair, I can’t tell you how much I love their hair! Basically, they look just perfect. Which I had that talent!

  4. Really like both style.So fresh,colored & simple ^^”

  5. I luv their “big eyes” makeup….
    So many Jap. gals in floral maxi dress these days……….CHO KAWAII NEI.

  6. LUV Natsumi Ash Blond Hair! On the other hand like more Ayumi’s flower Print dress ! ><!