Mayupu in Harajuku w/ Sweater, Lace, Heels & “Hey Ladies” Cap

Mayupu is a friendly English-speaking Japanese teen who we see around Harajuku frequently. She’s a big fan of 1990s pop culture and even publishes her own fanzine, which is available at AvantGarde Harajuku.

Mayupu is wearing a cute outfit which includes a knit sweater over a graphic top, short shorts, lace tights, and white platform heels. Accessories include a New Era “Hey Ladies” cap, a starfish necklace, a clutch wallet, and a large pink heart ring.

For more info on Mayupu, you can follow her on Twitter or Instagram.

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  1. Yumi Nakata

    Love her cardigan, what its brand name?

  2. I love Mayupu’s style! It’s always so fresh.

  3. Gorgeous :) lovely colours and layering of various complicated pieces of clothing. The hat is a nice touch!

  4. Mikiyayachan

    Awww, i want to have her eyes…they are huuuugggeeee!!!