Pink Harajuku Style w/ Takuya Angel, Galaxxxy, Super Lovers & Listen Flavor

Mekiru is 20 and she’s a college student. Her pink outfit and hair caught our eye in Harajuku. This isn’t the first time we’ve snapped her, as you might remember!

Mekiru is wearing a pink, teddy bear fur coat from Super Lovers with a Listen Flavor top and a puffy skirt from the Japanese brand Galaxxxy. Her game pad shaped bag is also from Galaxxxy, her shoes are Yosuke, and her accessories are from Listen Flavor. We also noticed her facial gemstone stickers, goggles, a Cheshire cat hair tie, earrings, a Takuya Angel claws muffler, a gas mask, a teddy bear corset, claw arm warmers, Space Invader ring, and faux fur leg warmers.

Mekiru told us that Angelic Pretty, Takuya Angel and Galaxxxy are her favorite brands, and that she’s a Lady Gaga fan. Find out more about her by following Mekiru’s blog or Twitter.

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  1. WOOOW!! Mekiru looks so effin’ awesome! I love the way she mixes all these cute pink elements and puts them together in one whole awesome outfit! so creative, I wish I could dress like her <3 <3 <3

  2. This is so A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!!!!
    There’s SO much pink in this outfit it’s INSANE :DDDD

    I remember seeing her previous snap back in the day. I was fascinated by her guitar bag!

    She’s obviously a big fan of Takuya Angel. I’m not surprised… I’ve been a fan of that brand for almost ten years now; it was probably the first thing that sparked my interest in Japanese street fashion :D