Harajuku Sisters w/ Tiger Head Backpacks, Nadia, WEGO, Mickey & Minnie

Mizuho and Yurika are a couple of Japanese sisters we’ve snapped many times in Harajuku. Both of them work arubaito. This time, both girls have their hair in twin tails.

Yurika is pictured to the right and she’s 24. She’s wearing a resale oversized Mickey Mouse sports jersey with a Casita cap that reads “Angel” and platform sneakers from Nadia. She accessorized with cherry earrings, an Upstart tiger head backpack and striped socks. Yurika told us she likes shopping at Malko Malka and WEGO, and that she’s into Alice Nine. You can follow her blog for more information.

Mizuho is pictured to the left and she’s 21. She is wearing a “science” t-shirt, shorts and checkered slip-ons, all from WEGO. She is also wearing a pink beanie, a Disney Resort Minnie Mouse purse, a Plaza bracelet, a plastic ring, an Upstart tiger head backpack and striped socks. Mizuho likes to shop at WEGO and Bon Voyage, and she likes Amoyamo and Michael Jackson. She also has a blog that you can read.

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