Harajuku Sisters w/ Twin Tails, Tiger Backpacks & Cherry Print

Mizuho and Yurika are a couple of sisters we often see in Harajuku. Both of them are wearing twin tails with bandanas, and they told us they work part time (arubaito).

Mizuho is the taller one, and she’s 21. She is wearing layered tops from GU and Nadia with a pink WEGO jacket and lollipop print Spinns skirt. She is wearing a Minnie Mouse bag around the neck, which is from Disney, and a tiger head backpack from Upstart. Her red loafers are Swimmer, worn with striped leg warmers and dotted tights. Her star necklace is from Claire’s. Mizuho told us she likes shopping at Spinns, WEGO and the Disney Store, and that she’s a fan of Amoyamo. Follow her blog for more updates.

Yurika is 23 and she’s also a Amoyamo fan. She is wearing a cherry print dress from Romantic Standard with a plaid shirt and jacket from WEGO. Her white tiger head backpack is from Upstart, her cherry-shaped earrings are Kokopelli, and her lace-up boots are Avail, worn with cherry print long socks. Yurika likes to shop at the Disney store, WEGO and Romantic Standard, and she’s an Alice Nine fan. Find out more about her from her personal blog.

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  1. I love the tiger head backpacks and the colorful clothing and the scarf was
    a nice touch

  2. i always love their outfits they inspire me so much ^^