Haru from DOG in The PWO on the street in Harajuku

Here’s Haru from DOG in The PWO!

DOG in The Parallel World Orchestra (usually shortened to “DOG in The PWO”) is a popular Japanese oshare kei band. On September 5th, the band released their new single “BIBLATION-X”. To celebrate the new song, the members of DOG in The PWO held a stamp rally on streets of Harajuku this weekend. Each member of the band was hanging out in a different location around Harajuku. Fans were given a map so that they could find the band members and get a stamp/signature from each.

Haru – the lead singer and founder of DOG in The PWO – was near where Takeshita Dori meets Meiji Dori with a large group of fans when we spotted him. After he signed autographs for all of his excited fans, we asked if we could take a few street snaps and he agreed. Haru was really friendly!

If you’d like to know more about Haru and DOG in The PWO, check out the official band website and Haru’s blog.

Click on any photo to enlarge it.

A big “Thank you!” to Haru and DOG in The PWO for allowing us to take these snaps.

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  1. asdfghjkl I LOVE HARU! waaa, he’s so cute and fashionable. DOGinThePWO are my favourite band

  2. Waaah! He is so cute! I could squeeze him so hard he would blow up in a flurry of rainbows and stars!

  3. coreil10

    Yay!! ‘Bout time one of these guys got snapped up! Go Go Dog in the PWO!! XD

  4. woww…she is a he… >o<
    he is so cuteeee… love his red choker

  5. Omg haru looks so cute, i really love this outfit :3

  6. No wonder I thought he is so familiar when I had only seen one of the pictures.

  7. Oh wow, Im a big fan of this band :O
    this is awesome~

  8. A fan from Poland

    Waah, he is so cute!! Not silly but really adorable– how a guy can be this cute?? :D

  9. HARU!!!
    This certainly made my morning!!

    I learned that Haru has manicured nails and shaves his legs.

    Anyone else notice the cut on his hand? D=

  10. CarolinaSunny

    Haruuuu ~ wow Tokyo fashion is really lucky to see this guy ~

  11. @Miki it’s not a cut but ink from his stamp. He uses the color red for the stamp rally this time around.

  12. GazeRockSnob

    *A* HARU LOOKS SO CUTE! I love this band :3

  13. Ohmygawdd, he’s so cute!!
    And I love his style!

  14. Awh, the people who got to meet him are so lucky! >.<

    DOG in The PWO are my favourite band and I hope to see them live one day! Meeting them, (Haru in paticular being my biggest role model) would be a dream come true.

    I can only hope that they'll come to Australia… .__.