Haruka Kurebayashi’s Kawaii Milk & Cookies Party at Cookie Time Harajuku

Haruka Kurebayashi is a well known Japanese magazine model, a popular Harajuku street style personality, and – in the last year – a frequent guest on Japanese television shows. Regardless of all of the other projects with which Kurebayashi is involved, she remains loyal to the streets of Harajuku – the neighborhood where she got her start. Kurebayashi is probably the most famous “kawaii”-style Japanese model who still actually haunts the streets of Harajuku on a regular basis.

This weekend, Kurebayashi joined forces with New Zealand’s Cookie Time to host a Kawaii Milk & Cookies Party at Cookie Time Harajuku. We are big fans of Kurebayashi and we love Cookie Time’s cookies, so we couldn’t say no! When we arrived, there was already a line of kawaii subculture kids mixed with mainstream cookie-lovers. Kurebayashi mixed with the crowd, took photos with the Cookie Muncher mascot, and even gave one of the Cookie Time employees a makeover. But most importantly, everyone enjoyed cookies (we always go with chocolate chunk) and milk!

This event appeared to be a success (how could it not, mixing Harajuku kawaii and delicious sweets?) and Kurebayashi said she hopes to hold another one in the near future. For more info, check out the following links – and the pictures below!

Haruka Kurebayashi: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
Cookie Time Harajuku: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

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