Haruka Kurebayashi w/ Super Lovers & Monster Hat in Harajuku

Haruka Kurebayashi is a Japanese model who appears regularly in Kera Magazine, a designer who creates her own accessories, a painter who appears at the Pop N Cute parties in Tokyo, and an all-around Harajuku style icon. She is also the star of our series of “My Kawaii Style” makeup tutorials!

While wandering around Harajuku on a Saturday evening, we randomly ran into Kurebayashi near the famous Cat Street. Earlier in the day, she participated in an event at the Super Lovers shop at LaForet Harajuku. So, her fashion in these street snaps is mostly from Super Lovers – including her sarueru pants, her graphic top, her cute pandas, and her socks. She’s also wearing a cute monster hat and a large tiger head backpack.

For more information on Kurebayashi, check out her official Facebook page or her Twitter!

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  1. Oh this look is just so playful and lovely! ; v ; I’m so in love with Kurebayashi’s style, I can’t even describe how much it inspires me and how much I love it!

  2. G-Dragons ‘One of a Kind’ backpack :D Love her eye makeup!

  3. she looks amazing,banging style. i wish i knew the brand of the bag….GD wore it too :)

  4. ♥Aky♥

    So cute and especially that backpack is absolutely fantastic.

  5. Alexis M.

    Love it colorful playful just great funny vibe

  6. anyone knows where to get her sulley hat/beanie? i’m searching for it for my wife! too cute!~