Heavy Pop Summer 2012 – Japanese Fashion, Music & Fun Party Pictures

“Heavy Pop” is the name given to a series of parties in Tokyo that focus on kawaii Japanese fashion, music, art, performance, and fun. The core of the Heavy Pop parties is the DJ booth, where personalities from the Harajuku fashion scene spin records all night. While the DJs are spinning, lots of other fun things are going on at Heavy Pop – including popup shops from indie fashion designers, idol performances, live painting, dancing, sweets-eating and more.

Tokyo Fashion has been covering Heavy Pop for a while now, and we were happy to be invited to their 5th party – Heavy Pop Summer 2012 edition!

Heavy Pop Kawaii Harajuku Fashion Party

The performers list – as well as the crowd – at the summer Heavy Pop party was packed with people who you’ll recognize from our daily Harajuku street snaps. If you’d like to party with these fun Harajuku kids in person, make sure you mark your calendar for the next Heavy Pop party on September 17th. In the meantime, enjoy our Heavy Pop pictures and check the bottom of the article for a list of DJs and more information!

You can click any of the Heavy Pop Summer 2012 party pictures to see them in high resolution.

Click any of Heavy Pop party snaps to enlarge them!

Here’s a list of the performers, designers, artists, and others who were part of the Summer 2012 Heavy Pop Party (sorry for any English-translation errors):

Idol Stage
– Troupe Brioche
– Tsuchiya Hinano
– Rabbit (Usagi)
– Mizari☆Candy…Senanan&Monta
– Suage a.k.a Ameya & neo & Temimi
– F.17…Kanamin&Zumiho

– Yuko/Cyber Girl (Denno Shojo) [Rainbow (Niji)☆Ota!]
– Eritamu & Sachiko
– Choco/Conuts
– DJ Omamagoto… Honno & hamahamapun
– Esupi
– DJ Ribbon… Misaki & Kinoko
– F.17… Kanamin & Zumiho

– rxsxhxc

Live Event&Meeting Place Decoration
– Kyanna [Sorciere]

Indie Fashion Popup Shops
– MEtA (mimeko)
– Baishuba Kurau (KURAU)
– Sorciere (Kyanna)
– Hiroka Chiba

We’d like to send out a big “Thank You” to Ray (the organizer of the party) as well as all of the Heavy Pop guests and performers. We also encourage you to check out the party for yourself the next time you’re in Tokyo!

For more information, check out the Heavy Pop official website or follow them on Twitter.


All photos by Daishi.

Daishi Hamada is a Japanese photographer and musician who specializes in band photography in Tokyo. You can find out more about him and see more of his work at his official website.

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  1. I am so totally jealous, we never get cool stuff like this in the UK. The sooner I can go to Japan the better! great photos =D x

  2. I totally wish their were things like this held here : (
    I can not wait to start my exchange to Japan~! All my free time will be spent visiting things like this~!

  3. wow! There are an Beauty Cure( i think) And a Peace cure from Smile PreCure

  4. Wow! Nice shots! I was really surprised to see Hinano. She is one of my good friends from the second time I came to Japan… I wish I could have been there!! T-T

  5. Anonymous

    I don’t even know much about these events to be honest, but the people there always look like they have so much fun. Just carefreeness is captured in this pictures, absolutely lovely.

  6. OMG! Those parties always look like so much fun! I envy you so much, Japan! We don’t have any of this cool stuff around here >_<

  7. Miku Mooncore

    aweee this DJ Guy has a Stocking from Panty&Stocking with Garterbelt T-Shirt! Wanna hav this >.< *o*