HEIHEI Designer w/ Tassel Coat, Comme des Garcons & Martin Margiela

Shohei is an independent Japanese fashion designer who we see often around Harajuku. You might remember his brand HEIHEI from this summer’s MGK Harajuku exhibition.

Shohei is wearing a long pleated tassel coat from his own brand HEIHEI over a Comme des Garcons top, Martin Margiela wide leg pants, and resale leather shoes. Accessories include a World’s End felt hat and a HEIHEI clutch.

For more information on Shohei, find him on Twitter or check out his official HEIHEI online shop.

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  1. An absolutely timeless style – even suitable for girls. The coat is awesome!

  2. Wow! That coat is probably the most bizarre thing I’ve seen in the entire year! LOL Fantastic :D