Harajuku Girl in Hellcatpunks Biker Jacket,Eyeball Dress & Studded Randoseru

Moeka is a 14-year-old student and model who we often see around Harajuku (previous snaps here). This time, we she had short hair and round sunglasses.

Moeka’s red biker jacket and eyeball-print dress are from the Japanese brand Hellcatpunks. Her hand-shaped purse, studded randoseru and white ankle boots are from Glad News. She accessorized with a Glavil choker, her cosmos ring and pill earrings areĀ handmade by Moriu Urimo, and her watch is fromĀ San-biki no Koneko.

Moeka likes the Japanese fashion brands Glad News and Hellcatpunks, and she’s a Sekai no Owari and Miwa fan. Find out more by visiting her Twitter and Instagram profiles.

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