HellcatPunks Fans in Tattoo Tights & Thigh Highs

Here are two Harajuku girls who are each pursuing their own individual style. The girl on the right with white thigh highs and a lavender hair bow is Moko, a 23-year-old student who we have photographed before. She’s wearing a fairy kei-influenced style that features a short tiered skirt from Snidel with tops from Milklim and Dazzlin. Her rocking horse shoes are from Tokyo Bopper.

Moko’s pink vinyl purse is accessorized with a stuffed bear. Accessories from HellcatPunks and Monomania include a tattoo choker with small cross, a variety of cute plastic rings and bracelets, a spiked pink leather wristband and three studded bracelets.

The girl on the left with blonde and pink ombre hair and edgier style is 24-year-old J. She’s wearing a “Crazy for HellcatPunks” shirt with a short tiered skirt from Super Lovers and tattoo tights. Her black and red creepers from T.U.K. are paired with green and black skull socks.

J’s HellcatPunks accessories include a leather collar with a key medallion, a double cherry button and animal print button, a lace and chiffon garter worn as a bracelet, a charm bracelet, a spiked leather wristband and a gold star ring. Her purse is a leather heart decorated with gold studs. Her hair decoration is a studded leather headband with a small plastic bone decoration.

Both Moko and J told us that their favorite fashion sources are Candy Stripper and HellcatPunks. We also asked about their favorite music – Moko said her favorite music genre is visual kei and her favorite groups are SuG and Sid. J said she likes LM.C and BugLug.

If you read Japanese you can find out more about J on her blog and check out Moko on Facebook, Twitter and on her blog.

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  1. heylolitalee

    i love the new trend of the tattoo chokers, do you know where these girls get the ones with the little gold crosses and such?

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  3. ゆきゆき

    I love the black ones head band and hand accesses plus her chocker

  4. Can someone please tell me what’s the brand of the pink vinyl purse?