Teddy Bear Necklace, Nadia Harajuku Dress & Spiked Tokyo Bopper

Here’s a fun Harajuku girl wearing an outfit that mixes elements of super sweet kawaii fashion with punk spikes and horror eyeballs. Her pink streaked hair (with a part in the back showing color peeking out under a layer of blonde) and numerous accessories are elements that initially caught our attention.

Her outfit features a dress from Nadia Harajuku with “Love Me” tattoo tights and pink Tokyo Bopper platform shoes that have been customized with spikes. Accessories include a sheer head scarf with a bone clip, an eyeball bow hair clip, a necklace made of tiny teddy bears, a large blue chain necklace with a toy horse, several buttons and ribbons (including one from Candy Stripper), a studded bracelet, two spiked bracelets, a bracelet made of stars, a winged eyeball ring, several other silver rings, a clear purse full of cute things, and a large pink teddy bear.

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.

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  1. Love it, love it all! The spikes, the bag, the teddy bear collar, the wig, everything. I can’t dress so cute anymore but she’s really inspiring, great snap as always TokyoFashion!


    her teddy bear collar is to die for! so cute ^^

  3. Have seen the dress in Zipper! :D I love this girl’s collar/necklace, omg how cool and unique!! Her hair is very nice, too.

  4. Ziemlich großartig, die Farbkombi ist klasse!
    Aber die Schuhe! Ich will solche Schuhe!

  5. I loved this collar so much, I made my own (^▽^) I uploaded a tutorial on my blog, check it out (click on my name above ^^) xo