Hello Kitty Colors at LaForet Harajuku

This year, Hello Kitty turns 35! It’s an amazing achievement for a cat – but nothing is impossible for the world-famous, ever-fashionable Japanese ambassador of cute, Kitty.

La Foret Harajuku, Tokyo’s youth fashion mecca, is celebrating Hello Kitty’s anniversary in a big way. Now through September 23, La Foret Harajuku will wish the Kitty a very happy birthday with special events, as well as a literal rainbow of new and exclusive products.

LaForet Harajuku x Hello Kitty 35

During the anniversary celebration, 40 popular LaForet brands will debut Hello Kitty goods prominently featuring Kitty’s trademark bow in red (for Friendship), pink (Cute), yellow (Heartful), green (Wish), and lavender (Sweet). The bow can be found on t-shirts, bags, tank and skirt sets, pajamas, dresses, key chains, hats, and more.

Here are images of many of the fun Kitty fashion goods available only at LaForet…

Hello Kitty at LaForet Harajuku
The brands / shops in the above image are…
First Row: Vanilla, Olive de Olive, canTwo
Second Row: Nice Claup, Nice Claup, Misty Woman
Third Row: Lowry’s Farm, Earth Music Ecology, Jeanasis

LaForet Harajuku Hello Kitty Fashion
The brands / shops in the above image are…
First Row: RNA Media, Irony, Irony
Second Row: E-hyphen World, KAORINOMORI, KAORINOMORI
Third Row: KBF, Smaddy, Hyper Laundry

LaForet Harajuku x Hello Kitty
The brands / shops in the above image are…
First Row: Agosto Shop, Malko Malka, Malko Malka
Second Row: Malko Malka, Honey Salon by Foppish, Honey Salon
Third Row: Honey Salon, Honey Salon, Rizzi-B

Hello Kitty Japanese Fashion
The brands / shops in the above image are…
First Row: Algonquins, Ongle, QUOLOMO
Second Row: QUOLOMO, Super Lovers, World Wide Love
Third Row: World Wide Love, Atelier Pierrot, Alice and the Pirates by Baby The Stars Shine Bright

Hello Kitty Harajuku Clothing
The brands / shops in the above image are…
First Row: Angelic Pretty, h.NAOTO, COMODO
Second Row: Sexy Dynamite London, Putumayo, Black Peace Now
Third Row: Lil Limo, Smork by Language, Black Peace Now

In the above pictures, you can see just about all of the shirts, hats, dresses, hoodies, jackets, accessories, and other items available at LaForet. Because the above pics are a little small, though, here are a few closeups of a few of the coolest / cutest items in the collection…

Hello Kitty x LaForet Harajuku x Sexy Dynamite London Woman’s Top
Hello Kitty Sexy Dynamite London

Hello Kitty x LaForet Harajuku x Agosto Shop Woman’s Shirt
Hello Kitty x Agosto Shop

Hello Kitty x LaForet Harajuku x Angelic Pretty Dress
Hello Kitty x Angelic Pretty

Hello Kitty x LaForet Harajuku x Comodo Hat
Hello Kitty x Comodo

Hello Kitty E-Hyphen World Gallery Tote
“My name is Hello Kitty. Look at my red ribbon!”
Hello Kitty x E-hyphen World Gallery

Hello Kitty Nails by Studio Ongle
Hello Kitty x Ongle Nails

You can see larger images of all of the Hello Kitty x LaForet Harajuku limited edition fashion items at the LaForet website. If you’re interested in picking anything up, remember that these items are only on sale through September 23, 2009 – and many will be sold out long before then!

* Hello Kitty is a trademark of Sanrio. Photos courtesy of LaForet.

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  1. I really want those Black Peace Now shirts with the striped long sleeves. :D

  2. this stuff is so cute but can you only buy this in japan?

  3. tokyo

    Most – maybe all – of this stuff is exclusive to LaForet in Tokyo. A few times a year LaForet does these kind of events, where they have many of the shops in the department store create exclusive items on one theme. They did it with some of the same brands for Space Invaders last year.