Hennyo Drummer w/ Lactose Intoler-art Accessories & Converse in Harajuku

Mashimo is the drummer and one of the singers of the Koenji girl group Hennyo! You might remember her from the previous snaps we’ve taken of her (together with fellow Hennyo member Ai) here and here.

When we met Mashimo this time, she was wearing an oversized blue jacket with a green sweatshirt, Hennyo original print shorts, neon yellow tights, and Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers. Accessories include a silver hat, a Lactose Intoler-art necklace, Lactose Intoler-art “Koenji Kids” buttons, a Lactose Intoler-art tote bag, and pink socks.

For more info on Mashimo’s band, find Hennyo on YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook.

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  1. Funnest girl punk band on the planet! Check them out!
    へんによさん メリクリスマース ! !

  2. The hat is from Back to the Future. I have the same one myself!