High School Monomania Fans

We met this cute high school couple in Harajuku. They’re wearing matching outfits that are mostly put together with items from Monomania. On the left is Hida, who’s wearing a Monomania dotted top with furry trim and carrying a matching dotted backpack. He’s also wearing black shorts from Candy with silver and black striped leggings.

On the right is Sato who’s wearing a Monomania logo top and carrying a logo bag. Her ruffled black skirt is from Monomania and black backpack decorated with bat wings is from Shin and Company. Her long pigtails are decorated with furry puffs.

They’re both wearing shiny hightops from Monomania wrapped with decorative ropes.

Hida said his favorite shops / brands are Monomania and Milk Boy. Sato likes Monomania and Spank! We asked about their favorite music and they both said they like Perfume.

Hida’s website is here and Sato’s here.
High school Monomania fans

Dotted top from Monomania with fur trim

Monomania dotted top and backpack

Striped leggings & Monomania shoes with rope

Pigtails & Monomania logo top

Shin and Company backpack with bat wings

Pink Monomania shoes ties with rope

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  1. HER BAG!! I WANT HER BAG!! they are both so adorable… GYAAAAHHH <3

  2. Oh dear god! I really love it!! all the outift is awesome!
    Their shoes are very cutee! *O* and her skirt.. I want it!

  3. one thing, the guy is supaaaaa cuteeee! ( ^ o ^ )

    Those shoes are really cool, and the girl’s bag is adorable~ BATMAN!

  4. OMG, I want her shirt!! <3

    And their shoes are simply brilliant! ! :D

  5. oMG they are adoreable! I love what they did with their shoelaces, awesome!

  6. Aaaaw super cute! they look adorable! tho the shorts look a lil naff… should be baggier :3 but the rest is <33

  7. omg! Such a cute couple. Their outfits are too!

  8. How come they have such fashionable high schoolers in Japan?
    Our boys and girls all look the same..

  9. this is so cute :3
    i luv it :3 i wished that i lived in tokyo with all these stylish people ^-^

  10. Love everything about both of them. (though especially her bag!)

  11. ezravilda

    love the boy hair cut..
    and the girl very fashionable
    kawaii b>.<d

  12. OMG AWESOME!! i love her bag!!! and those shoes are awesome!!! >.<!!

  13. I’ll take the girls bag and the whole guy.
    No need to wrap it up.

  14. They really are a cute high school couple ♥
    If only I lived in Japan.. maybe I could get somebody like him? Hahahah
    Loving the outfits ~

  15. Madonna Lily

    THAT WINGS BAG!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥
    I think the guy went way too far with the dots idea.

  16. Naomi❤Max

    Such a cute guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤

  17. I’m in love with their styles, they are so cuuuute <3