Hirari in Harajuku w/ Pink & Purple Outfit + Spike Headband

Many of you will recognize the person in these Harajuku street snaps as 18-year-old Hirari. We see Hirari often around Harajuku (she’s hard to miss), and she has participated in the Harajuku Fashion Walk event more than once. In addition, she regularly posts self-pictures on her personal Tumblr blog Not Feel Lonely.

Hirari’s outfit here features a pink and black sheer corset dress from Spank! under a purple jacket that she personally cut to make it cropped, purple leggings, and studded Tokyo Bopper platform shoes. Accessories include a spike headband (with the look of braided hair) from Nadia, a heart earring, a hearts-and-star necklace from Bubbles Harajuku, and a heart ring from Nadia. She got her smiley face hard-shell handbag as a gift.

Hirari’s favorite shops/brands include Nadia, Bubbles, and Nude ‘N Rude. Her favorite singers include Salyu and Shiina Ringo. If you’d like to know more about Hirari – and see a lot more pictures of her – you should definitely follow her on Tumblr.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. She ROCKS! love her fashion sense… she’s on a daily ‘cat walk’, she had this jacket on in your last shot right?….I love that she can get away with it, we would just be looked up as walking idiots hahaha

  2. ;-; very nicely put together, love the necklaces and the eyebrows! + she is so pretty :)

  3. I am such a huge fan of hirari! Im glad to see jer be recognized for her style! :D

  4. Dreaded Queen

    I love this girls style and eyebrows!! Nice to see her again

  5. Hirari, great eye makeup work! no pink/purple contacts?

  6. LOVE IT! This is the Tokyo fashion I know and love – I was getting worried that women’s fashion in Japan was starting to go too much in the direction of those girls behind her. No color, too conservative/casual, too much “boho” stuff (I already see way too much of that look here in the states). This girl is keeping the dream alive. You go Hirari! :D

  7. The pink corset is wicked, but she is stunning!! what a face!