Harajuku Fashion Walk #7 – Pictures of Colorful Japanese Street Fashion on Parade

Harajuku Fashion Walk is an event with which regular readers of TokyoFashion.com are very familiar. In addition to reporting on several of the main Harajuku Fashion Walk events, we had a great time last month at the Harajuku Fashion Walk Halloween Party. We’ve also been taking Harajuku street snaps of several of the event’s organizers – and many of the participants – for years. So, the 7th edition of Harajuku Fashion Walk, held this weekend, shouldn’t need too much introduction.

The basic goal of Harajuku Fashion Walk is to provide a fun and supportive environment so that participants (most people who participate are Japanese, but everyone from around the world is welcome) can feel confident wearing whatever type of fashion they enjoy (lolita, fairy kei, dolly kei, visual kei, handmade, etc.) – even if it’s something that they might be shy about wearing in other circumstances. Participants encourage each to have confidence in their choice of fashion. This environment makes Harajuku Fashion Walk a great place for people to make new friends – and many strong friendships have been forged at HFW.

Harajuku Fashion Walk also contributes to the street culture of Harajuku. It’s always a delight for us to see large crowds break into smiles simultaneously as the parade of colorfully dressed Harajuku Fashion Walkers passes by. Cameras and smartphones are sure to follow anywhere HFW leads.

Fun, friendship, and anything-goes Japanese street fashion – it’s not a bad combination for a Sunday afternoon in Harajuku! Please enjoy our pictures of Harajuku Fashion Walk #7. You can click any of the photos to blow them up into super high resolution.

Update: Also check out our new Harajuku Fashion Walk Video for even more kawaii fun.

Click any (or all) of the Harajuku Fashion Walk photos to blow them up!

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Harajuku Fashion Walk photographs by Daishi.

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  1. tokyo

    Thank you, Maro! Your outfit was really cool & we had a lot of fun! :-)

  2. i was in harajuku yesteday…too bad, i missed out this one…
    love harajuku & tokyo fashion…

  3. some day im going to live to tokyo and I will go to harajuku dressed like fairy kei !! and shop prisila wigs and 6%dokidoki clothes~!!! some day!! (^o^) I guess prisila wigs with 6%dokidoki clothes don’t mix!! in that case im gonna wear the prisila wigs with other styles XD

  4. These photos are so awesome that they distract me from studying.. ugh

    Haha just kidding! So cool ^^

  5. I never really liked the old versions of the decora and lolita styles…but I love these new current versions! Especially that girl with the pink violin handbag and pink high heeled bow boots

  6. I loved the blonde girl with the red skirt and white polka dots SHOES! THEY WERE SO CUTE!

  7. Lorena Sabrina Oliveira Maia

    ameiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii d maiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssss