Hirari Ikeda w/ “SAD” Top, Ambush Claw Choker & DAMAGE Bag in Shibuya

Hirari Ikeda is perhaps Harajuku’s most famous fashion icon, and she’s earned the title with her ever-changing boundary pushing styles, as well as with her steadfast support of underground designers and brands. She also works at Harajuku’s coolest boutique, Dog Harajuku.

When we ran into Hirari at the Shibuya Scramble this time, she was wearing a cropped Nikki Lipstick sweater emblazoned with the word “SAD” in Old English, short shorts, and tall lace-up platform boots. Accessories include a nose piercing, an Ambush claw choker, and a bag from the underground Taiwanese brand DAMAGE. Her blue and silver streaked hair and white contacts are also important parts of the look.

For more info on Hirari, check out her Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr (NSFW).

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  1. she is like from the other world, love her! Incredibly beautiful girl!

  2. the contacts though!! i love their fashion taste altho out of the norm it makes them even cooler:))))