Hirari Ikeda Wearing Anthen x Fangophilia & Dog Harajuku x Anthen

Hirari Ikeda is one of Tokyo’s top street fashion icons. She is creative, unpredictable, and original in a way that sets her apart from everyone else in the Japanese street fashion scene. Even though she’s been super busy lately (music videos, fashion shoots, Diesel Reboot campaign, working at Dog Harajuku, etc.), we are still lucky enough to run into Hirari quite often around Tokyo. Recently, we met up with her at the Anthen S/S 2014 exhibition in Shibuya.

Anthen is a young independent streetwear brand with roots in Tokyo and on the west coast of the United States. Anthen’s designer put on the Shibuya exhibition to unveil the brand’s upcoming collection of graphic tops. The new collection was created in collaboration with several Tokyo-based designers and artists – including Dog Harajuku, Fangophilia, Yoshirotten, tattoo artist Bonten Ooedo, Haruchika Keira, and Yohan Tanaka.

As Hirari works at Dog Harajuku, and works with Fangophilia, she was nice enough to model the Anthen x Fangophilia graphic top and one of the Anthen x Dog Harajuku tops for us. We really appreciate her modeling the pieces, especially because it gets freezing cold in Tokyo at night during the winter, and she willingly went jacket-less outside to be photographed.

For more information on Hirari, follow her on Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr (NSFW). You can also follow Dog Harajuku on Twitter and Fangophilia on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. For more info on Anthen, visit the brand’s official website.

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  1. Is it just me, or do lots of these Tokyo models with alternative style have some sort of roots in America too?

  2. tokyo

    @appleToad This brand has roots in America & Japan (the founder is Japanese American or Japanese who lives most of the time in America), but Hirari is full on Japanese – like she came to Tokyo from her home town a few years ago. Her main connection to Western culture, as far as we know, is through Tumblr and mass media.

  3. Dear TokyoFashion,
    do you think you could perhaps ask Hirari for an interview on her throat piercing and exactly the steps she went about to get it. If so that would be much appreciated ^_^

  4. ღAkyღ

    Words to describe her > “I don’t do fashion , I am fashion” < (¬___¬) (o^___^o)

  5. She shows up in pop/R&B singer Kato Miriya’s music video for the song Lonely Hearts. It’s pretty recent. If you are a fan of Hirari Ikeda then you should go watch the PV on Jpopsuki.com