H&M Shibuya Opening Day Pictures

At 10am on Saturday morning (a little early for us to be awake), H&M opened their massive new flagship store in the Shibuya area of Tokyo. This is the Swedish fashion chain’s fifth store in Japan after Ginza, Harajuku, Yokohama, and Saitama. They will also be adding another store in Shinjuku before the end of the year. The new shop is located just down the street from Shibuya 109, if you were to walk in the opposite direction of Shibuya Station.

H&M Shibuya Opening

The opening of the Shibuya store was not as exciting as the Harajuku H&M opening last year, but that launch was only the second store in Tokyo – and it also coincided with the limited edition Rei Kawakubo fashion collection. Still, the H&M Shibuya opening drew a respectable crowd, featured a red carpet for customers waiting in line, a ribbon cutting, and lots of cheering and bowing from the friendly Japanese H&M staff members.

H&M Shibuya Opening Day Line

The new H&M Shibuya store is nearly 3000 square meters and four floors. Floors one, two, and three are for womens clothing, and the fourth floor is for mens. According to H&M’s PR spokesperson, the Shibuya store will be the first H&M in Japan to carry the H&M underwear line.

TokyoFashion.com photographers were on the scene for the opening, and they brought back lots of pictures and even some video. Take a look at what you missed out on if you weren’t in Tokyo – or if you were sane enough to still be asleep between 9am and 10am Saturday morning…

H&M Shibuya

The red carpet near the front of the store for the H&M customers who waited in line:
H&M Shibuya Customers

H&M Shibuya Line

The front of the store a half of an hour before opening:
H&M Shibuya

H&M Shibuya Opening Day Security

The H&M line loops back around and goes down the street toward Shibuya 109:
H&M Shibuya Opening Day Line

H&M Shibuya Opening Day Line

Getting closer to opening time, the Japanese press are gathering near the entrance:
H&M Shibuya Opening Day Crowd

H&M Shibuya Opening Day

This is a big building (but not as cool as the “Ice Cubes” building in Harajuku):
H&M Shibuya Building

The line is getting longer:
H&M Shibuya Opening Day Line

End of the H&M line – it was pretty long, but it didn’t reach Shibuya Station:
H&M Shibuya Opening Day End of Line

Here comes the ribbon cutting:
H&M Shibuya Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting

The ribbon is cut, H&M Shibuya is officially open (about 10 minutes after 10am):
H&M Shibuya Grand Opening Ribbon Cut

The staff is cheering as the first customers enter the store:
H&M Shibuya Opening Day First Customers

H&M Shibuya Opening Day Crowd

An H&M Shibuya staff girl with cool leggings handing out catalogs:
H&M Shibuya Opening Day Staff

The Japanese H&M staff members were very friendly and helpful to everyone in line (and this girl’s sneakers were cool):
H&M Shibuya Opening Day Goodie Bags

Here is a video of the Shibuya H&M staff counting down to the ribbon cutting:

H&M Shibuya info:

  • Address: 33-6 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0042 Japan
  • Phone: 03-5456-7778
  • Hours: 10am – 10pm
  • Map: H&M Shibuya Map
  • Website: Official Site (Japanese)

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  2. How far away is the airport (Narita) from this H&M. For some reason google maps doesn’t like the H&M address you have listed. Please advise! Thanks!

  3. tokyo

    The Shibuya H&M location is about 1.5 hours from Narita Airport via the Narita Express train. The address in Japanese is:
    If you paste that into Google Maps, it should map it for you properly. Sometimes Google Maps doesn’t like English text for Japan.