Honey’s Dead Staffer’s Juvenile Hall Roll Call T-Shirt & Top Shop Maxi

Matsuri, who’s 23, is a Honey’s Dead staffer. You may recognize her from this previous post. On this day she was wearing a graphic t-shirt from Juvenile Hall Roll Call and a white maxi skirt with a skull and butterfly print from Top Shop. Her handcrafted bag is from Undercover.

Matsuri’s accessories include three gold rings, several hoop earrings, large sunglasses and a print scarf worn as a headband. Her shoes are cool black and white platform sandals.

We asked Matsuri about her favorite designer and her answer was Gaultier. She also told us that her favorite music is by Boom Boom Satellites.

If you read Japanese you can follow Matsuri on Twitter.

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  1. Moonghost14

    It’s Aki in the background of the 2nd picture(red from head to toe)! Featured in Harajuku street snap on May 30th~ Wow exact same outfit?

    I like this girl’s smile, makes me wish I could see her eyes. . .

  2. Well, i dont really like the skirts :| but this is absolutely amazing xD