Indie Designer’s Happi Coat, Nadia Hat & Obi-Style Bandeau

Senanan is an indie fashion designer who has put a new twist on some traditional Japanese garments. She’s wearing a flowered happi coat over a lace top from Forever21 and a short red skirt from Spank! She’s also wearing a long obi-style sash as a bandeau. Her tropical fish bag was bought in Osaka and her shoes are floral flip flops.

Her many accessories include a sleep mask from Nadia worn as a hat, a pink shushu (scrunchie) around her wrist, two colorful plastic bracelets, a beaded choker and an assortment of playful rings. She made her one-of-a-kind earrings. Red nails and toe nails set of the red accents in her clothing and accessories.

Senanan told us her favorite place to shop is Spank! You can find out more about her on her blog and on Twitter.

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  1. Is the Anta Bakaa badge from something? That’s at least the second or third person in your street snaps to be wearing one.

    And that fish.
    Is amazing.
    It is full of all the amazing.

  2. Her contacts are scaring me just a little tiny bit.

  3. The phrase is apparently what Asuka says in Evangelion! I only watched a bit of the series, but I like the phrase, so I’d totally get this badge if I could xD

  4. afrobones

    O.O is that takoyaki???
    funny outfit i should say but still adorable and unique :D

  5. Sammyswisso

    mmmmm ok

    – あい the “pillow talk” eye cover
    + あい the colourful barrier reef fish tote
    = あい the strange necklace that looks like stitching which contrasts with the sweets earring !

    % あい all ichiban !

  6. I love how here outfit looks like a modern broken up kimono. The bow on her dress, the jacket, and the shoes all scream kimono, but it has all of these super cute accessories. :D