Itazura Kanji Hoodie, Gashapon Necklace, Panda Pouch & Culottes in Harajuku

Sakamari is a 16-year-old student we recently snapped in Harajuku.

She is wearing a red Itazura Tokyo kanji (it reads 少年少女) hoodie with WEGO culottes. Her plush toy-decorated backpack is Dickies (bought from Village Vanguard) and her platform mary janes are from WEGO (worn with kanji socks). She is also wearing a panda pouch bought from Kinji and plastic accessories – including a gashapon necklace – made by her friend.

Sakamari told us that Itazura is her favorite place to shop and that she’s a fan of Johnny’s, and Momoiro Clover Z. Find out more about her by following her on Twitter.

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