Itazura Tokyo Street Styles in Harajuku w/ Decotrand & Kirby

Omu and Risa are two teen girls who caught our eye on the street in Harajuku. When we spotted them, we guessed right away that they were wearing fashion by the Japanese next generation subculture brand/shop Itazura. Their oversized sweatshirts and accessories are very in line with the Itazura tribe.

Omu – on the left with twin tails – is a 16-year-old student. Her look includes an oversized graphic sweatshirt from Itazura Tokyo with pink socks and Question Mark platform sneakers. Accessories – many of which came from Decotrand – include pink fuzzy earmuffs, hair clips, earrings, a colorful backpack, lots of anime/manga badges, a Pikachu hat, a Kirby plush, and another Kirby bag worn as a necklace. Omu’s favorite brands include Itazura, Nesin, and Kinji. She likes the music of Vocaloid. For more info, follow Omu on Twitter!

Risa – on the right – is a 17-year-old student. Her look features an oversized kuma-face hoodie with graphic tights and retro sneakers. Accessories – some of which came from Kinji and Decotrand – include panda earmuffs, hair clips, and a mesh WEGO backpack decorated with anime/manga badges and charms. Risa’s favorite brands are also Itazura, Nesin, and Kinji. She likes the music of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Momoiro Clover Z. For more info, find Risa her on Twitter!

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