Jane Marple Jacket, Dolly Girl Skirt & Nail Art

Aya is a cute Japanese girl we photographed in Harajuku. She’s wearing a stylish double-breasted jacket from Jane Marple, the Japanese Classic Lolita brand. Her short skirt from Dolly Girl by Anna Sui brand features a modern black and white toile print. Her black pattern leather shoes with ankle straps are also from Anna Sui and are worn with black tights.

Aya’s accessories include a small straw hat on her long auburn hair and a Vivienne Westwood bear charm hanging from her Emily Temple Cute gold leather bag. Her fingernails are embellished with Swarovski crystals. Aya’s favorite designer is Anna Sui.

Jane Marple Lolita jacket & Dolly Girl skirt

Jane Marple jacket and gold Emily Temple Cute bag

Small straw hat and long auburn hair

Black tights and Anna Sui patent leather shoes

Nails decorated with Swarovski crystals

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  1. IIIII LOOVE ITTT !! Her skirt, her jacket and her hat are so BEAUTIFUL

  2. oh man~ is so great to be in Japan. really want to just live there. haha. so pretty her nails & her outfits are great too! :)

  3. Black and white! And she makes it look spectacular!