Japanese Anime, Akihabara & Otaku Fashion in Harajuku w/ Las42018 Tee, Handmade Anime Pants & Anime Figure Accessories

We met 20-year-old Kamisugiruneko – who told us that he love Akihabara, games, and anime – on the street in Harajuku. His purple hair and subculture fashion caught our eye.

Kamisugiruneko’s Japanese otaku-inspired fashion features a t-shirt by Japanese subculture brand Las42018 with shorts that he handmade, a Hugtto! PreCure handbag, handmade anime figure earrings, anime figure necklaces, colorful rings, otaku badges, and Nike x Off-White sneakers.

Kamisugiruneko told us that his favorite fashion brands include Lonely Beikoku (LONELY論理) and Riverside Wang (リバーサイドワン). He likes the music of Bz. Follow him on Instagram or Twitter for more of his Japanese otaku fashion.

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