Japanese Dolly / Mori Girls in Harajuku

These two stylish and cute 18-year-old Japanese girls – Saki & Heri – were photographed in Harajuku. They are both wearing outfits – consisting of dresses, sweaters, fur, hats, stockings, heels, bags, and numerous accessories – from the popular Shibuya shop Grimoire. Grimoire is a favorite of Japanese girls who are in the Mori Girl (Forest Girl) and Dolly Style (Antique Doll) scene. Some of each of these girls’ accessories are from the Japanese brand Dolly. Both of the girls listed Grimoire as their favorite Tokyo shop, with the girl on the right adding “Grimoire x Cult Party”. We’ve seen these girls around Harajuku a few times. They are always in different outfits, but all of their fashion is in this European-antique-romantic style.

Grimoire Girls in Harajuku

Vintage Inspired Harajuku Fashion

Harajuku Vintage Fashion Girl

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  1. fun animals around necks are in right now in japan?
    they look cute :)

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  3. Its funny that I know another person named Saki. Well the one I know isn’t as nice. Well I’d have to say this Saki has a real good taste in clothes. I like the fur addition too, I’m not sure what animal it is though.


    On another thought though, I’ve been learning Japanese and studying to become an ESL Teacher and I want to live in Japan. That is why I want to know more about the fashions that people where and more about the culture than I already know.

  4. jesika lin

    i love the dirndl-esque pattern of the dress on the girl on the left, and the fur hat on the other girl… mmm makes me wish it was oktoberfest!

  5. How much did they spend for their outfits? They must study and work hard..