Japanese Girl in Vintage / Dolly-kei Style in Harajuku

This 18-year-old Japanese girl is named Saki and she’s into the Japanese Dolly-kei style. We see Saki around Harajuku pretty regularly, and you can see a previous photo of her we took a few months ago here.

In this outfit, Saki is wearing mostly vintage/retro items from Grimoire – including a knit cardigan sweater, print scarf/shawl, and decorated platform slippers. The skirt is from American Apparel. Her accessories include a vintage purse from Grimoire, a fur around her neck, and a large cross necklace. Saki told us that her favorite shops are Grimoire and TARock.

Vintage Dolly-kei Fashion in Tokyo

Japanese Girl with Vintage Purse

Japanese Dolly-kei Style

Vintage Platform Sandals in Harajuku

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  1. man, if i had to go on a date with her it’d take a lot of will power to keep from hurling. srsly, a fur jacket is one thing, but a little dead animal around yr neck????????????

  2. I’m pretty sure it’s fake but, yeah I’ve seen plenty of people on here with similar pieces.

  3. jesika lin

    the whole outfit is cute except for the LITTLE BEADY EYES. oh man, why?? corpses arent fashion!

  4. i would seriously kill for those stupidly beautiful shoes.

  5. The poor animal. Its so creepy to wearing a furry thing around your neck.

  6. Why does everyone have a problem with fur?? I think it can be beautiful as long as it’s vintage, and, if you had any common sense, you’d realise it was vintage, seen as it says “Saki is wearing mostly vintage/retro items.”
    If you don’t like fur, just don’t wear it. But don’t judge other people just because they do. Also, I’d like to add this, from Tokyo:
    “BTW, just about every time we post someone wearing fur, we get a few angry emails. I just wanted to point out again that our mission/goal is to report on and document things that are happening on the street in Tokyo. We don’t have to personally love/hate every trend that’s happening in Tokyo or in any other city, but our goal is to make people aware of what’s going on. It would be impossible for us to truly keep you informed if we just ignored everyone wearing fur or – if you’re vegan – everyone wearing leather boots or a motorcycle jacket. Thanks for understanding. :-)”
    This is from a previous post, here:

  7. I love her style…! Even though I can understand how guys might be repelled by the fox scarf. I think it’s cute though. Her bag is a bit too busy for me, otherwise she’s perfect!

  8. Erin: I agree with you, over-sensitive people should quit complaining on this website. Go complain on some NGO website if you’re really THAT concerned. Put your money where your mouth is, and this website is not the place. Besides, like you said, the purpose of this website is to showcase Japanese fashion, so all you tree-huggers can stop ruining it for the rest of us.

  9. I love her scarf! i’ve been seing a few pix of these. i want one in the shape of a skunk ;D

  10. It’s not exactly complaining but pointing out what we found off… Stating our dislikes doesn’t mean that the site or the model or the overall dressing or the photo is in poor taste. It’s wonderful that your site shares fashion photography with us but at the same time when it’s a public forum you too have to be open minded to accept varied opinions. Just waiting for praises doesn’t complete your goal right?
    I found the “dead fox around the neck” scary and sad but I’ll be back here for more fashion photos. Keep up the good work…

  11. I think a key point is that you can find an outfit to be aesthetically pleasing overall while still finding certain aspects of the style morally questionable. I love the whole dolly-kei style, but with all the vintage clothes’ components (which are often wool/leather/fur) I’d probably have a bit of trouble replicating the style myself (as a vegan). Also, just as an FYI: for the second-hand argument, vegans/vegetarians often differ about how they feel on this subject. For some, second hand means its okay, for others, the entire concept of wearing something from an animal is disturbing (even if it’s second-hand) and might still indirectly support the use of animal products.

  12. Personally, I just adore this style. I just found out about it while reading about the Grimoire shop. It’s like the perfect in between of Lolita and vintage! And both of those styles are my absolute favourites. Buying brand can get expensive, so incorporating an affordable (and sometimes more pretty and unique) aspect to it is just lovely!
    I actually like the fur~ I think it adds to the whole “creepy-cute” factor. I mean, it’s adorable, and, if you don’t have a pet, you can pet it! Even in a library! :D And since it’s vintage, I don’t think the whole “Well, I just stand for animal rights. They’re creatures, not fashion.” argument is nullified. It’s been dead for years now, it’s not a newly killed animal for the sake of style. :/ I’m all for not killing things to look pretty, but if it’s already dead for 20+ years, I’ll take it!

  13. I like that outfit… But in my opinion, it would be better if she wore one of those furry neck warmers without the head and feet. That furry thing kind of reminds me of a chinese roast piglet ^^”. It’s deboned, flattened and laid out like that. Not around the neck, that is.

  14. lol I agree with Howl ^^
    The style is great but not the dead thing around the neck o_o

  15. ahh i love the minx fur shes wearing~~my favourite J(^0^)o
    she has a good sense for >dolly kei style<

  16. Interesting vintagey get-up, the scarf would surely make PETA cringe. She’s wearing a cross w/ Jesus….if only she knew the everlasting story of Love & Salvation. He’s very much alive~~!

  17. Wow, jono ^^, um why would you be going out with her in the first place. I doubt she would date you…
    I agree with Aimee ^. It would be stupid to relegate all the vintage fur to the back of the closet just because you don’t approve of killing animals, it’s already been dead for a long time and if you don’t use it, isn’t that even more of a waste?
    I love the dead thing around her neck :D

  18. I love her face and eyes. But the clothes she picks to wear is modest, tey elegant. I would love to see more of what she somes up with later on…

  19. My God the more I look at her the cuter she gets.

  20. this is not dead fox, but its skin…
    poeple are such a hypocrits
    this fur were created long time ago- VINTAGE!!!!
    if somebody is wearing them, it is better than dump them
    in garbage bin

  21. I reeeaaallly like her look. Dolly kei is so cute~

    And on the topic of the dead fox fur thing. I don’t think its so much the fact that she’s wearing fur as the fact that the fur has a face and feet.I know its vintage and that sort of thing was the style at one point but I personally would cringe at wearing that around my neck. But each to his/her own and all that.