Japanese Fashion Brand NIIMI 2016 A/W “Simulation Game” Collection Pictures

Japanese fashion brand NIIMI (previously known as Buccal Cone) has been a force on the streets of Harajuku for the last few years. Launched by young designer Takeru Niimi while he was working at the avant-garde Tokyo boutique Dog Harajuku, the brand’s early collections were inspired by Japanese history, science fiction, anime, and idol culture.

The new NIIMI 2016 Autumn/Winter “Simulation Game” collection sees the designer taking inspiration from school trips in his childhood. The lookbook – featuring popular Japanese street fashion model Yura – was partially shot at schools that Niimi actually attended.

The “Simulation Game” collection will be available on the NIIMI website.

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NIIMI “Simulation Game” 2016 A/W

Designer: NIIMI
Model: Yura
Photographer: Wataru Fukaya
Video: udocorg

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