Japanese Girl’s Green Hair, Doll Head Brooch & Dragon Quest Button

This is Hikari, a Japanese specialty school student with green-tipped hair who we met in Harajuku.

Hikari didn’t give us much brand info, but she’s wearing a black & white outfit that consists of a black top with the word “black” printed on it (in white letters), a cropped bomber-style jacket, short shorts, black stockings, striped socks, and platform shoes that she said she bought from an internet store. Her accessories include a black heart necklace, a doll head brooch, a button with what appears to be the resurrection password from the 1980s video game Dragon Quest II, a Starus watch, a studded bracelet, and a black rabbit ring with the ears broken off. She said that the bag she’s carrying is her school bag, and you can see a Blythe charm hanging from her phone inside the bag.

Hikari told us that her favorite fashion brands are Harajuku’s own Candy Stripper and Monomania.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. She’s gorgeous. I love everything about this picture and I’m jealous. Her raglan dress is adorable.

  2. Can someone tell me what is the meaning to the doll head?, is kinda creapy is the 2nd girl I see with it.Thanks


  3. her wristband and her black heart shaped necklace are the best!! she hold a nice style besides the big bag witch I’m pretty sure is from Bunka.

  4. i would totally wear her style if the weather here doesn’t feel like summer at its worst all year round!

  5. if anyone have an idea where she has bought her shoes… please let me know !!!

  6. I love EVERYTHING in her style, especially her haircut and the socks with the shoes ! <3

  7. I love those shoes! And the whole outfit.

    (Poor bunny ring, it’s ears are missing ;____;)

  8. I love her haircut, her dress, her socks and her shoes <3 actually, I like everything about her outfit :)