Japanese Girl in All Pink w/ Super Lovers & BodyLine

This Japanese girl – dressed head-to-toe in pink – is 18-year-old Yamamoto. We met her in Harajuku.

Yamamoto’s outfit includes a t-shirt from Super Loves under a Don Quijote parka, a multi-colored pannier skirt from a shop at LaForet Harajuku, striped stocks from BodyLine, and lowtop sneakers from Thank You Mart. Her accessories include various cute hair clips and hair bows, a pink choker, pink glasses, several necklaces (including a pink bear), a pink flower bracelet, a pink ring, and a pink bag from BodyLine with Gloomy Bear attached.

We didn’t need to ask Yamamoto her favorite color, but we did ask her about her favorite fashion brand. She answered, “Liz Lisa”.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. Gloomy~ I love the blast of pink. From hair bow down to pink sneaks. Awesome! *thumbs up*

  2. Long time no see a fully pink outfit! She’s cute, though, this is not my fav style xD

  3. Not really feeling the outfit her hair, make u,p glasses and bows are nice thou

  4. aigooo 2nd pic is my fave *__* she look realy kawai without try hard xD <3