Japanese Girl in Fur Hat, Sabots & Shawl

This cute auburn-haired girl is a 19-year-old Vantan student named Saki. Her vintage print dress and fringed shawl are from resale stores. She’s also wearing lace-trimmed socks from swimmer and sabots (clogs) decorated with nail-head studs from a store in La Foret (a Tokyo fashion mall).

Saki’s is wearing a large ring from Hysteric Glamour (her favorite fashion brand). She’s also wearing a cut fur hat. Her flowered backpack is from a resale store.
Japanese Girl in Fur Hat, Sabots & Shawl

Vintage dress and shawl

Auburn hair & fur hat

Flowered resale bag

Hysteric Glamour ring

swimmer socks & clogs

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  1. I’m wild about that ring!

    Really adorable updated granny look.

  2. LOVE that ring, too! I might be mistaken, but she looks Mori-Kei… Very pretty, Little Lady. ^_^

  3. Dresses very pretty, but looks like she barely gets enough sleep.