Japanese Girl in Pink, Purple, & Pastels in Harajuku

We photographed this cutely dressed – and purple-haired – Japanese girl on the street in Harajuku. She was very friendly and spoke perfect English too! The colors that she’s wearing – pinks and pastels – are often associated with the Japanese fairy-kei fashion movement. Her outfit consists of a pink cardigan over a Minnie Mouse t-shirt, shorts with lace trim, pastel stockings, and pink boots. Her accessories include pink hair bows, a heart-shaped necklace that says “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, and two fuzzy bags with bows on them.

Harajuku Street Fashion

Purple Hair & Pink Bows in Harajuku

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  1. I love the outfit! I really love the shirt and cardigan~♥

    But the wig needs work (Or at least a good brush over).

  2. I’m not really into the whole fairy-kei thing, but she looks somehow cute. Her tights look very pretty, but I might be biased since I’m a huge stocking lover :)

  3. Ugh, the definition of bad taste. This is when the kawaii goes awry.

  4. I love her cardigan! And contrary to what others have expressed, I think it’s alright, some Harajuku kids dress even more outrageous right?

    She doesn’t look Japanese at all (I’m Chinese so I can tell most of the time), more like Chinese or Vietnamese. Or maybe she grew up overseas? Which explains the good English :)

  5. she should do something about her brows and skincare. your face gets plain if your outfit is over the top like that.. otherwise outfit is nicely coordinated

  6. Cute…
    I can almost see her with a butcher knife, blood on her and getting away scott free, because she’s so adorable.