Japanese Girl in Vintage Fashion From Grog Grog

We photographed this cute 20-year-old Japanese girl at the 6%DOKIDOKI x Popples event a few weeks ago in Shibuya. She’s wearing a vintage coat from the Shimokitazawa resale shop Grog Grog, a vintage-looking patchwork dress, yellow stockings, and vintage moccasin boots. Her accessories include a knit scarf and an eco bag with a Popple attached to it.

Grog Grog Vintage Coat

Japanese Girl at World of Popples

Click either picture to enlarge it.

Special thanks to 6%DOKIDOKI for allowing us to take these pictures at their event.

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  1. She looks out of place but I think that’s really cute :}
    Everything goes together perfectly.

  2. THis one is all about comfort food and chilly morning walks. LOVE IT!

  3. hey! these are my clothes from 70 ties where I was small :)
    nice to see them again :)
    she looks sweet

  4. I don’t like her hair… BUt she is a cute girl!